React Node.js Video Sharing App Full Tutorial (Redux, JWT, Cookies) | MERN Stack Youtube Clone

Youtube clone using React, Node, MongoDB and Firebase. MERN stack video app tutorial with Redux Toolkit, JWT Cookies and Firebase Storage.

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0:00 Introduction
01:59 How to Create a Node.js App
05:28 Node.js How to Connect to MongoDB
09:24 How to Create a Rest API using Node.js and MongoDB
21:09 Node.js MongoDB JWT Cookie Authentication
46:58 Node.js MongoDB JWT User Verification (Authorization)
54:48 Node.js MongoDB CRUD Tutorial
01:17:53 Node.js MongoDB Search by Query and Search by Tags
01:25:20 Add, Delete and Get a Comment in an API
01:33:16 Node.js MongoDB Like and Dislike Functionality
01:38:42 React Node.js Connection
01:40:26 React Fetch Data from Node.js API using MongoDB
01:52:35 React Node.js MongoDB Auth (Login/Register)
01:56:00 React Redux Auth Tutorial (User Login)
02:16:57 React Login with a Google Account
02:22:12 React Google Auth with MongoDB
02:29:35 React Fetch Data with Redux Toolkit
02:36:48 React Like and Dislike Functionality
02:43:07 React Subscribe Functionality
02:48:21 React Fetch All Comments of a Post
02:52:31 React Video Upload Component
03:01:21 React Upload Files using Firebase Storage
03:10:38 React Upload File and Add Url to MongoDB
03:17:39 Fetch Recommended Posts
03:20:18 React Search Functionality Using a DB
03:26:27 Outro


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