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Après la découverte d'un médaillon, Billy Stone et son amie Allie sont envoyés dans le passé et partent déjouer les plans d'une tribu indigène voulant entrer en possession de l'objet mystique.

De Bill Muir
Avec William Brent (II), Sammi Hanratty, James Hong
Genre Aventure, Famille, Enquête, Action, Fantastique

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This is the track '51st State' taken from the Secret Records DVD 'New Model Army: Live 161203' available now. Filmed & Recorded at The Astoria 16th December 2003 this gig features many of the band's best loved songs including 'Stupid Questions', 'No Rest', 'Get Me Out' and many more. The DVD also includes an exclusive interview with the band.

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New Model Army "17 225" Live at the Forestglade Festival 03.07.1999-SBD
Venue: Festivalgelände Schöllingstraße, Wiesen, Austria
#newmodelarmy #forestglade #wiesen #live #austria

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New Model Army performing at Leeds University with some JES interview snips as bookends

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All rights reserved to the owners.

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Youtube clone using React, Node, MongoDB and Firebase. MERN stack video app tutorial with Redux Toolkit, JWT Cookies and Firebase Storage.

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0:00 Introduction
01:59 How to Create a Node.js App
05:28 Node.js How to Connect to MongoDB
09:24 How to Create a Rest API using Node.js and MongoDB
21:09 Node.js MongoDB JWT Cookie Authentication
46:58 Node.js MongoDB JWT User Verification (Authorization)
54:48 Node.js MongoDB CRUD Tutorial
01:17:53 Node.js MongoDB Search by Query and Search by Tags
01:25:20 Add, Delete and Get a Comment in an API
01:33:16 Node.js MongoDB Like and Dislike Functionality
01:38:42 React Node.js Connection
01:40:26 React Fetch Data from Node.js API using MongoDB
01:52:35 React Node.js MongoDB Auth (Login/Register)
01:56:00 React Redux Auth Tutorial (User Login)
02:16:57 React Login with a Google Account
02:22:12 React Google Auth with MongoDB
02:29:35 React Fetch Data with Redux Toolkit
02:36:48 React Like and Dislike Functionality
02:43:07 React Subscribe Functionality
02:48:21 React Fetch All Comments of a Post
02:52:31 React Video Upload Component
03:01:21 React Upload Files using Firebase Storage
03:10:38 React Upload File and Add Url to MongoDB
03:17:39 Fetch Recommended Posts
03:20:18 React Search Functionality Using a DB
03:26:27 Outro

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Join me on Part 2 of the Netflix Clone where I build the Authentication and Profile Page!

Tech Stack - Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase and Redux (for state management)

Part 1 -

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Starting the Build
01:00 Login Component
09:20 Implementing firebase
11:30 Authentication
13:22 Setting up Redux
16:30 Profile Component
22:32 Deploying The App
23:10 Outro

#reactjs #netflix #nextjs #tailwindcss i do not own any Song used in this Video!

Tags - react js, react tutorial project, react js full course for beginners, reactjs course, Netflix react, Netflix clone react, Netflix react js, Netflix next.js, Netflix clone react js, Netflix next js redux, Netflix clone Nextjs, next js project based learning, Netflix clone react redux, Netflix next js and tailwind CSS, Netflix Nextjs and tailwind CSS, responsive navbar tailwind CSS Nextjs

Netflix Next.js | (Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Responsive) | Part 2 | Speed Code

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Ancienne baronne de la drogue, Carmen se cache au Canada dans l'anonymat. En feignant la mort, elle souhaite que ses enfants, toujours à Amsterdam, mènent une vie normale. Elle parvient à faire profil bas mais, un soir, une de ses collègues se fait agresser et elle lui porte secours. En légitime défense, elle tue l'auteur de l'agression et est arrêtée puis extradée vers les Pays-Bas. Son retour choque ses enfants et attire l'attention d'anciennes connaissances...

Réalisé par Diederik Van Rooijen
Avec Monic Hendrickx, Niels Gomperts, Sigrid ten Napel
Genre Thriller, Action, Crime, Drame
Film complet en français

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From the DVD Cliff 'Em All
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For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)
Recorded live in August 31, 1985 at Day on the Green, Oakland, CA

© 1987 Metallica

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From the DVD/Blu-Ray release Quebec Magnetic
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Seek & Destroy (Live)
Recorded live on October 31, 2009 at Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec

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© 2009 Metallica

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NMA perform Lib Ed from Dusseldorf 1990. Great song from their 1st album and as usual , its sung as passionately as ever.

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Pre-order the new album "Between Dog And Wolf" here:

Album Tracklist:
1. Horsemen
2. March In September
3. Seven Times
4. Did You Make It Safe?
5. I Need More Time
6. Pull The Sun
7. Lean Back And Fall
8. Knievel
9. Stormclouds
10. Between Dog And Wolf
11. Qasr El Nil Bridge
12. Tomorrow Came
13. Summer Moors
14. Ghosts

Experience the passion of UK post punk visionaries New Model Army with the release of their new studio album, entitled "Between Dog And Wolf" (Out September 2013). A rich, vibrant and multi-layered work with a deep and soulful atmosphere, the album promises to be something "very different" from previous releases and demonstrates how the band is enjoying an exciting phase in their long and successful career.

The self-produced set was finished earlier this year and was mixed by Joe Barresi in his Los Angeles studio, best known for his work with Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bad Religion and Soundgarden.

Originally as a three piece, New Model Army were formed in Bradford, UK in 1980 by Justin Sullivan. The current five piece features Michael Dean on drums, Dean White on keyboards, Marshall Gill on guitar and 26 year old new bass player, Ceri Monger, whose presence has added to the band's creative and live resurgence.

Justin Sullivan says:
"After a series of purist 'rock-band-in-a-room' albums over the last eight years, we felt it was time to do something a bit different and sonically this is the best album we've ever made. The title comes from a medieval French expression for dusk -- when it's hard to distinguish between dog and wolf, friend or foe. That sense of contradiction represents the band very well and there's also something of this sense of transformation in the album. It has been a stormy four years since the release of the last album. With the sudden death of our manager, the loss of our studio in the fire, subsequent theft of remaining equipment and our old bass player Nelson's departure, we in essence lost everything. We used this to make a new beginning and part of the change was effected with the arrival of Ceri and the refreshing energy and musical influences he brought. We are very excited about the new album and what the future holds for the band."

Said Ceri "I have loved New Model Army's music for many years and am chuffed to be a part of this incredible album. I think the record is pretty unique and I look forward to hearing what people think when they hear it."

With hits like "51st State" and "Vagabonds", to name just a few, the band built a reputation for dealing with challenging topics in their lyrics such as justice, the meaning of life, nature or grievances in society. The band established themselves as having an uncanny ability to convey and trigger powerful emotions, particularly through the distinctive voice of Justin Sullivan.

The album's stunning artwork is based around a painting by long time artistic collaborator Joolz.
Said Joolz, "I always hear the albums being created from the first acoustic strum onwards and it quickly became obvious that this album was going to be different in sound from previous records. Early on Justin saw some artwork I had designed originally for a tattoo client of mine, an image of Herne the Hunter and the Herlathing, and the primitive tribal paganism of the picture really symbolised to him the heavy pounding drum rhythms and passions that are at the heart of this album."

Royal Television Society Award winning documentary maker Matt Reid, ( known for his prime time BBC1 TV series on The British Royal Family and ITV's "The Savoy" ) has directed a feature length documentary on the band's career, and is in the final stages of editing for a 2014 release.

The band is now looking forward to being back on tour in autumn presenting "Between Dog And Wolf" live along with their all time classics.

"It's always good to be back on the road -- and the current atmosphere in the band is the most hungry and upbeat that I can remember. We're really looking forward to this", says Justin Sullivan.

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new model army - thunder and consolation

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Support the artist, support the Underground!

"Eight" - cd - 2000.

Lyrics :

It was late, we were driving home in the rain
I thought I saw something flying across the two-lane
It was white like an angel - or like curse
There and gone in a second in front of us
In our house all the trophies are gathering dust
All the things we remember - but only just
We won't need them anymore

Once we were lost but we can be found
On the Orange Tree trail, on the roads heading south
Standing in the sun, in the fields of grain
Will you still love me when all of this is changed?

In the shadows of the mountains we were watching the sky
Hale Bopp flying motionless out across the night
You turned to me and said with a smile
Everything these days seems to be some kind of sign
No one cares anymore where you've been
So you find a quiet place to shed that old skin
You won't need it again

Once we were lost but we can be found
On the Orange Tree trail, on the roads heading south
Standing in the sun, in the fields of grain
Will you still love me when everything is changed?

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All glories to mighty NMA. You can buy whole album here:

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00:00 Rumour And Rapture (1650) 05:06 Space 09:00 BD3 13:15 Island 18:00 No Pain 23:41 The Hunt 28:15 Water 33:10 Here Comes The War 40:07 Caslen 43:07 Too Close To The Sun 46:50 Rivers 51:40 Another Imperial Day 56:30 Wonderful Way To Go 01:01:06 The Ballad Of Bodmin Pill 01:06:35 Vagabonds 01:13:15 White Coats 01:18:23 Purity 01:22:55 Long Goodbye 01:25:52 Get Me Out 01:31:13 225

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New Model Army live @ arena große Halle, vienna, 20th October 2019

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New Model Army, live at the Town and Country Club, London, November 24th 1988.
Record from analogue terrestrial broadcast, onto Scotch EG+ L-750 Betamax videotape, tape archive number 393. New Model Army are an English rock band formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in 1980 by lead singer, guitarist and main composer Justin Sullivan, bassist Stuart Morrow and drummer Phil Tompkins. Sullivan has been the only continuous member of the band, which has seen numerous line-up changes in its four-decade history. Their music draws on influences across the musical spectrum, from punk and folk to soul, metal and classical. Sullivan's lyrics, which range from directly political through to spiritual and personal, have always been considered as a key part of the band's appeal.

Whilst having their roots in punk rock, the band have always been difficult to categorise. In 1999, when asked about this, Sullivan said, "We've been labelled as punks, post-punks, Goth, metal, folk – the lot, but we've always been beyond those style confines". Following a large turnover of personnel, both permanent and as touring members, as of 2021 New Model Army comprise Sullivan, Dean White (keyboards and guitar), Michael Dean (drums) and Ceri Monger (bass).

#newmodelarmy #scottishteevee #gothicrock

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00:24 Ambition 03:46 Heroin 08:27 No Rest 14:20 Better Than Them 17:17 No Greater Love 21:01 Young Gifted And Skint 25:09 Christian Militia

Recorded live at the Marquee Club, London, 21.4.1985.
Running time: 30 mins approx.

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